Leisure pursuits
of Stonehouse
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Architecture (High St) Wycliffe College Shield (Bridge of Knowledge, Ebley Rd) Lodge House (Horsemarling Lane) ex police station (High St) barge boards (Regent St) Gable end (Bath Rd) Apsley House (High St) Coop building (High St) St Cyr's the Globe (High St) arche40 Lantern (Queens Rd) Finial (Bath Rd) Apsley House (High St) Architectural feature (Upper Queens Rd) H - Anno Victoria 50 (H for Hooper who re-built Bonds Mill in 1887) Wycliffe Gates (Bristol Rd) gargoyle (St Cyr's) Bulls Eye glass (High St) High St (the Lawns) the Lawns chemists (High St) gargoyle (St Cyr's) Ryeford Rd North (canal) gargoyle (St Cyr's) Laburnum Walk the Lawns Ryeford Rd North (canal) High St Queens Rd stonework (Regent St) Stonehouse Court (gates) sextant's building (St Cyr's) Laburnum Walk Wycliffe College (Bath Rd) Ebley Rd Double Lock Cottage (when built) house drive (Melbourne Drive) ooer St Cyr's Bath Rd (Wycliffe College) National Schools (school built 1832, enlarged 1873) Air Brick (canal cottages) 1910 (Regent St) barge boards (Regent St) roof apex (Laburnum Walk) Stonehouse Brick & Tile (Bath Rd) Bonds Mill Bonds Mill (from WW2 ?) gargoyle (St Cyr's) capital (High St) Lyndian Court (Oldends Lane) Pearcroft Rd High St (ex-magistrates court) window lintel (High St) arche43 School, old Girls entrance (Elm Rd) roof finials (Elm Rd) Pearcroft Rd High St AD 1890 (ex Police Station, High St) Newtown Gloucester Rd Pearcroft Rd Police Station (other usage -High St) Petty Sessional Court (long gone -High St)