Leisure pursuits
of Stonehouse
iron gates 
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High St (ex bakery) Bristol Rd (Wycliffe College) Laburnum Walk Elm Rd Bath Rd Bath Rd the Lawn Laburnum Walk Cotswold Green (Windmill Gate) pub car park (Woolpack Inn) Cotswold Green Apsley House (High St) Bath Rd High St Stonehouse Court Laburnum Walk Bonds Mill High St (Apsley House) Laburnum Walk Railway Station (Queens Rd) Meadow Playing Field nr Maidenhill School Gloucester Rd (Nippy Chippy) Horsemarling Lane Churchyard Ryeford Coal Pen Regent St new cemetery College View Melbourne Close foot bridge (Wycliffe College field) Iron Gates36 Woodcock Lane High St (Park House) Laburnum Walk Laburnum Walk Ocean swing bridge Melbourne Close Cotswold Green Iron Gates (Oldends Farm) Elm Rd (Convenience Store) High St Bath Rd (Wycliffe College) Wharfdale Rd Woodcock Lane Cotswold Green St Cyr's Stonehouse Football Club (Oldends Lane) Laburnum Walk Park Rd Laburnum Walk Laburnum Walk Ebley Rd (Wycliffe playing field) Ebley Rd (farm field) Park Rd (typical there) St Josephs Gate (Oldends Lane) Church Gates